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Financial Protection

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How we secure your money

We protect your money by a special insurance and will provide you with a Secured Payment Certificate (Sicherungsschein) issued by one of Germany’s largest insurance companies.

A secured payment certificate is an insurance document for charter holidays pursuant to § 651 k of the German Civil Code. The insurance company issuing the certificate on behalf of MandA Tours ensures the person making the booking and all fellow-travellers that as a result of insolvency or opening of insolvency proceedings against MandA Tours assets, the following shall be reimbursed by the insurance company:

1.    The travelling price paid to the extent that the travel services do not take place
2.    Necessary expenditure incurred by the traveller for the return journey

The insolvency insurance company: R+V Allgemeine Versicherungs AG is one of the largest insurance companies in Germany (

For any further inquiries you can also contact:

R+V Allgemeine Versicherungs AGSecured Payment Certificate
Raiffeisenplatz 1
D-65189 Wiesbaden
Telephone: +49 611 533 5859
Fax: +49 611 533 4500