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Motorhome Rental

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Some of our customers do not own a motorhome or camper van. In this case we can help you to set up a rental in the country your desired tour will take you. The rental stations will be as close as possible to a major airport, where you have a high likelihood to find a flight to from your closest airport at home.

If you would like to rent through us, contact us, letting us know which of our escorted tours you would like to book and which class of motorhome you would like to rent (we recommend COMPACT PLUS or COMFORT STANDARD). Please let us also know when you would like to pick the motorhome up and return the motorhome, as some customers like to add some days before and/or after our tour. We will then check availability for our tour and the desired motorhome during the time you would like to rent. With the result we would get back to you and we can then complete both bookings.

To give you an idea of the experience of one of our customers, you can read their readers letter:

Click here to view a readers letter about our 2017 “Breathtaking Black Forest” tour in a rented motorhome, as published in the January 2018 issue of MMM Magazine

Why rent a motorhome and fly directly to Europe?

  • You can choose the type of model you might want to buy in future. This is something that allows you to find out what you like and dislike about the specific model.
  • You save time by flying directly to the region the tour will take place, but you might need to travel a certain distance to the first campsite in order to not miss the welcome dinner, where the participants meet each other for the first time.
  • You can rent a left hand steered motorhome, which makes driving on the continent a lot easier, as you can see the traffic better. Also your habitation door, being on the right, will allow access to the cabin from the pavement side. We actually recommend buying a left hand steered motorhome, if you intend to do the majority of your travels on the continent! If you intend to do this we can also help you on getting this set up at very attractive prices.
  • The rental vehicle has the latest emission sticker and can therefore be driven also in low emission zones.
  • If you participate in one of our wintertime tours, you have a motorhome at your disposal, that is equipped with the right type of tires, as in certain countries in Europe your vehicle must be equipped according to weather conditions.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • You can just fly with your personal belongings, like on any other holiday. The motorhome is equipped with cable drum and connection cable, European standard plug set for 230 V, toilet chemicals, hose, etc.
  • You can rent different packages like: bedding, kitchen equipment, etc. for an additional charge.
  • In certain locations we can arrange also for bikes to be rented, which will give you a lot of freedom when we are travelling together. On many of our tours you will find excellent biking routes.

McRent our partner for motorhome rental

We cooperate with McRent the largest motorhome hire company in Europe.

All vehicles have comprehensive complete fittings: kitchen with refrigerator and cooker, bath room with sink, shower and chemical toilet (cassette), heating, fresh water and waste water tank, safety belts in living quarters, power-steering, cable drum and connection cable, European standard plug set for 230 V, separate 12 V battery for living quarters, battery charger, fire extinguisher, at least one stereo radio with CD and a bicycle rack.

Extras like kitchen equipment, bedding set or Child seats or snow chains are only available on request and for an additional charge.

The rental fee includes (example for Germany):

•    unlimited mileage
•    Value added tax (VAT)
•    Comprehensive coverage with a deductible of 1.200 EUR per loss
•    Partial accidental damage coverage with a deductible of 500 EUR.
•    Third party liability insurance with a 100 million EUR flat-rate amount of coverage
(damage to persons with a maximum of 15 million EUR)
•    Fiat mobility program and emergency service
•    Awning
•    Partially equipped with rear-view backup camera
•    Dethleffs safety package
•    Air conditioning in driver’s cabin
•    Bicycle rack
•    Outside cleaning
•    2 bottles of gas
•    Balancing wedges
•    CI cable
•    Cable reel
•    WC chemicals
•    Water hose

for exact details refer to the McRent homepage.

On this page you can get an overview of the models typically avaliable. They range from small vans to large A-Class models. If you want to try out motorhomeing we would recommend to rent a Compact Plus class vehicle.

For rental in Germany we cooperate with the station in Frankfurt. When booking via us, we can arrange transfer to the rental station from the airport.

If you would like to participate in a tour in another country and you would like to rent a motorhome in the respective country please contact us for the same service. For certain tours customers might travel across the channel in their car, or with friends in their motorhome and then pick up the rental motorhome directly at the rental station.