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TOURS 2021

Springtime in Holland

Tour date: 10.04. – 25.04.2021
(Calais pick-up: 10.04.2021)

Impressive Italian Lakes & Cities

Tour date: 09.05. – 22.05.2021
(Calais pick-up: 07.05.2021)

picturesque provence

Tour date: 23.05. – 05.06.2021 
(No Calais pick-up service is available for this tour)

discover Denmark

Tour date: 12.06. – 26.06.2021
(Calais pick-up: 10.06.2021)

Stunning Norway

Tour date: 27.06. – 17.07.2021
(No Calais pick-up service is available for this tour. Consider combining it with our Discover Denmark tour)

Amazing Alpine Roads

Tour date: 28.08. – 11.09.2021
(Calais pick-up: 27.08.2021)

Captivating Croatia

Tour date: 13.09. – 02.10.2021
(No Calais pick-up service is available for this tour. Consider combining it with our Amazing Alpine Roads tour)



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Why travel with us


Discover Europe escorted but flexible

We offer escorted motorhome tours to selected destinations in Europe. Travel with us to the most picturesque parts of Europe and experience an unforgettable European dream holiday. We will see to it that you can enjoy beautiful cities and stunning countryside and even take part in particular events, worry free and without the effort of any planning.

Our escorted tours combine the freedom of a motorhome holiday with the advantages of a planned tour. You will be accompanied from the beginning to the end of the trip by multilingual tour guides who know the region you will be travelling to.

We have always enjoyed the independence of motorhome travel, allowing us to stay on the shores of lakes, on riverbanks, in the mountains, at the coast or in the middle of nowhere, and also at unconventional places like farms, vineyards, harbours or lighthouses. We have loved the flexibility of just going where the mood takes us, but sometimes have regretted not having booked a special event prior to our trip. This is why for you we organize, and book selected highlights well in advance while giving you the freedom and independence to enjoy motorhome travel.

We know our routes and have tried them all. This means we can give you advice every day on the well-known sights, but can also give you tips on not so well known attractions. Many of these hidden gems we know as a result of having lived in Germany, the UK, France and Spain. We not only speak the languages, but also know the countries, the people and their cultures.

With our support and use of the road book we have prepared for you containing lots of suggestions and sightseeing ideas, you have the freedom and independence to choose each day how much or how little you want to do and see.

Tours designed for motorhomes

Suitable for large motorhomes

We do real motorhome touring

we travel in small groups

dog friendly tours

We are experienced motorhomers

We have lived in the UK, France, Spain & the US and speak the languageS

who we are

MandA Tours is Michael and Audrey Hirschhäuser

Audrey & Michael

After almost 30 years in a suit and tie and after hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles made on business, we decided it was time for us to choose our own destination and took the decision to turn our hobby into our profession. We want to share our passion for motorhome travel, for foreign cultures and other peoples.

Michael is German and grew up near Frankfurt in Germany. Audrey is English and grew up north of London. We met in 1984 while studying at University in Sheffield. After graduating we first moved to Germany. Michael’s career then took us around the world sparking our interest in travel and other cultures. We lived in France for three years, in Spain for four years and then spent three years in the US. During this time we went on camping holidays with the children travelling at first with a tent and then with a caravan and in the US with rented motorhomes.

We moved back to Germany in 1998 and bought our first motorhome in 2004. Since then we have travelled extensively through many European countries. These include our home countries, the UK and Germany, as well as France, Spain, Italy, Sicily, Luxemburg, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Denmark, Croatia, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, and Switzerland.

customer reviews

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This tour was a great taste of the Italian lakes and highlighted areas, we would like to return to for a longer stay. The views from the Iseo campsite were fabulous and most of the sites were within a reasonable walking distance of the local towns. We know some enjoyed the city side of the tour, but our personal preference would have been for extra days at the smaller lakes as an alternative. But as we have already discussed, you can’t please all the people all the time! Overall we have had a great time and Luna (the dog) really enjoyed herself too!
We were interested to improve our knowledge of this area of France, and this we feel we have achieved in a very enjoyable way. You were very attentive and conscious of our desires and needs throughout, providing us with many sightseeing options to choose from. Thank you for a great holiday, the lovely memories and the introduction to WhatsApp 🙂

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