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Combine tours in 2018 and receive a special discount

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Italy Lake Garda

Combine tours in 2018 and receive a special discount

During the Motorhome & Caravan Show many customers were very interested in the idea of combining two tours to extend their holiday. This year we have planned our tours so that it is possible to directly combine our “Breathtaking Black Forest tour with our new “Impressive Italian Lakes & Cities” tour. The Black Forest tour starts on Saturday 1st September 2018 and ends in Southern Germany on Saturday 15th September. We would then accompany those people who would like to continue onto the “Impressive Italian Lakes & Cities” tour to the start of the tour on Sunday 16th September 2018 in Northern Italy.

When booking this combination we would give you a special £50 discount in addition to the Early-bird discount of £70 for each of these tours, if you book before the end of the year. Some customers have already taken advantage of this offer and have booked the combination but of course both tours can still be booked separately, so the option for the combination might sell out quickly.

Another possible combination of tours could be our “Springtime in Holland” tour and the “Belgian Break”. The “Springtime in Holland” tour is a two-week tour that starts on Saturday 14th April, 2018 and ends on Saturday, 28th April. Our new “Belgian Break” 7 day tour begins one week later on Saturday 5th May and if you wanted to book both tours we would give you recommendations on what to do during the one week in between. This could be taking time to relax at one of the many beaches on the coast in Holland, to explore the area by bike using the many cycle paths or just enjoy some outdoor activities in the Belgian Ardennes.

For this combination there is also an extra discount available of £50 when booking both tours in addition to the Early-bird discount for each of the individual tours.