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Preliminary reservations for 2019

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MandA Tours European Motorhome Tours: Campsite in northern Spain

Preliminary reservations for 2019

In our last newsletter we wrote about the two new tours we are planning for 2019; the “Spectacular Spanish Northern Coast” tour starting in Santander, which can be easily reached by taking the ferry from Portsmouth or Plymouth, and the “Enjoyable East Germany” tour commencing in Potsdam/Berlin. After having sent out the newsletter we very quickly received several enquiries and booking requests for these tours, but as we have not yet finalized all details or decided on a final itinerary we are not yet able to accept any bookings.

We have now decided to introduce a “Preliminary Reservation List” for those people who are interested in booking a particular tour for 2019. Anybody who wishes to join the reservation list is not under any obligation to book, but will receive all information about the tour as soon as it becomes available and will have the first chance to secure his place on a particular tour. If you are interested in joining the preliminary reservation list, or have any other questions, just send us a short email – we will get back to you within 24 hours. As in previous years the complete 2019 touring programme will be introduced to the public at the Western Motorhome Show in August in Malvern.