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International Driving Permit after Brexit

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We are trying to keep abreast of what implications Brexit may have for our customers. Unfortunately, and although there are less than 6 weeks left before the UK leaves the European Union, no-one, at the moment, can say for definite what will happen on the 29th March. It is therefore important to make plans for the worst-case scenario, as far as travelling in Europe is concerned!
In the case of a no deal Brexit, drivers of UK registered vehicles will probably need to carry a motor insurance green card and have an international driving permit (IDP) when driving in the EU. Here you will find more detailed information on driving in the EU after Brexit.
To make things more complicated and depending on the country or countries you will be visiting or travelling through, you may need more than one IDP. For example, if you intend driving to Spain through France you will need two different IDP’s; 1968 IDP for France and 1949 IDP for Spain. Most customers booked on our “Spectacular Spanish Northern Coast” tour take the ferry to and from Portsmouth to Santander, and therefore will only need IDP 1949 for Spain, however anyone wanting to travel through France or add some time in Portugal, must also have IDP 1968. You can find further information about IDPs here.
Fortunately, it is a simple, fast and low-cost process to obtain an IDP from your local post office. All you need is:

  • Full valid UK driving license – photocard or an older paper license
  • A passport sized photo
  • The £5.50 application fee (cash or debit / credit card)
  • Original valid passport as proof of identification, if presenting an older paper version license

There is more information on the post office website
We hope you find this information useful.