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Refillable Gas Bottles

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 European Map of LPG Filling Systems

Refillable Gas Bottles

As winter this year does not seem to want to end we thought it might be a good idea to write about the ideal gas supply for your motorhome.

When we bought our first motorhome we began like most people by purchasing regular gas bottles. We even bought an aluminium gas bottle as we were travelling with our children and had to keep an eye on the weight restriction of our motorhome. However we soon learnt most European countries have different gas bottles and that it is very difficult, or almost impossible to exchange a british bottle, for example, for a full one in France or Germany.and even harder when trying to exchange an aluminium bottle. We soon therefore decided to purchase a refillable gas bottle and a set of European adapters (the picture shows the different systems: yellow=bajonet, blue=dish, green=ACME and light blue=euro). As a result we were able to tank LPG at petrol stations across Europe. Filling up with LPG is a lot cheaper than buying exchange bottles and it is no longer necessary to replace a “half” full bottle for a full one before going on holiday.

When travelling in summer one refillable gas bottle is usually sufficient, but in winter we soon realised that a single bottle gets used up very quickly. We therefore decided to buy a second refillable bottle and connected it to the first one. This allows us to fill both bottles at the same time. As soon as one bottle is empty the duomatic switches over automatically to the second bottle and we can see that we should stop at the next petrol station and fill up. We therefore recommend to all customers travelling with us on our tour in December to “Europe’s Best Christmas Markets” to have at least one refillable cylinder, the necessary adapters and a regular bottle as fallback.

You can find a lot more information about this subject on the Gaslow or GASIT websites.

There is also a video on youtubewhich is very informative.