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Highlights for train lovers during our Black Forest and Picturesque Provence Tours

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Sauschwänzle Bahn historic train ride in the Black forest

On all of our tours there are always one or two highlights. For example during our „Majestic Rhine & Moselle River“ tour, we join a boat trip to the Rhine in Flames fireworks and during our „Springtime in Holland“tour we can enjoy the annual flower parade from Noordwijk to Harlem.

We also have two group events for train lovers. During our „Picturesque Provence“ tour we take a trip on the “Train de l’Ardéche”, and travel on a historic steam train through the most inaccessible part of the Doux valley where from panoramic carriages, we can view man-made structures overhanging the river, pitons and chaotic piles of rocks providing views of an untouched and preserved landscape. On the “Breathtaking Black Forest” tour we go for a ride on the “Sauschwänzle Bahn” and journey on a historic steam train through the wild and romantic Wutach valley, where we see stunning viaducts, idyllic villages, bridges and Germany’s unique spiral tunnel. Take a look at the recently uploaded videos on our website.