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Roaming charges in EU abolished makes communiation on tour easier

WhatsApp messenger service

On the 15th June 2017,  the roaming charges within the EU were abolished. This allows our customers to use and/or stay in touch with family and friends during our European tours using their local mobile phone plan abroad, without incurring any additional charges. Not only for phone calls, but also for online usage.

As we have been using WhatsApp very successfully during the Tours that we run for the Hymer Group in Germany, we can now also use the WhatsApp tool during our European Tours with our British and Irish customers. The WhatsApp messenger service allows us, among other things, to keep everybody in the group informed about any traffic problems or road closures, we can give immediate help if anyone should get lost and we can share photos and experiences during the trip. It also allows our customers to stay in touch with each other after a tour has finished.

During our tour “Picturesque Provence”, which ended last weekend, we used WhatsApp for the first time and our customers were very satisfied with the tool. Even though not everyone had the app on their phone at the time, and/or did not know about it before, after a brief introduction given by us, they got used to it very quickly and even had fun learning to use it. We therefore recommend to all our customers that they download the app before leaving on one of our tours, if they do not already have it installed on their phone. We will certainly use it on our “Breathtaking Black Forest” and “Germany’s Romantic Road” tours later in the year.

Yesterday our  “Majestic Rhine & Moselle Rivers” tour began and our customers have joined the WhatsApp group and have already been busy using it!