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Readers Letter “Breathtaking and easy” Black Forest tour with a rented motorhome

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Readers Letter “Breathtaking and easy” Black Forest tour with a rented motorhome

If you are a regular reader of the MMM magazine, you might have already seen that the magazine published a readers letter from one of our customers on page 18 of the January 2018 issue entitled “Breathtaking and easy”. This is the second letter that has been published about our tours and we are delighted to get such a positive feed back. On our home page you can read many more customer reviews and also the first letter published about our “Majestic Rhine & Moselle Rivers” tour.

The tour described is our “Breathtaking Black Forest” tour which took place during the first 2 weeks of September this year. As this tour is very popular we are offering it again in September 2018. Some customers are combining this tour with our “Impressive Italian Lakes & Cities” tour not only making use of the early bird discount of £70, which is only available until the end of this month, but also receiving a £50 discount for booking the combination of both tours.

The other theme of the readers letter is motorhome rental and the possibility of experiencing a holiday in a motorhome before actually buying an expensive vehicle. Tricia and Alan have been caravanners for many years, but wanted to try out motorhoming. With our help they rented a motorhome in Germany. This was cheaper than renting in the UK and gave them the advantage that the vehicle was a left hand drive, making driving easier in Europe, and was equipped with all the necessary accessories for continental travel, like an emission sticker, european plugs etc. For more details on why to rent in Europe visit the rental page of our website. Tricia and Alan enjoyed the tour so much that they will be joining us again in May 2018 on our popular “Picturesque Provence” tour. This time they are renting a motorhome in the UK, with a layout they think could be similar to one they might eventually purchase. This is a wise decision and something we recommend to anyone who does not yet own a motorhome but is interested in trying touring in a motorhome. Another good decision is to join one of our escorted tours and travel in a group of like-minded people with an experienced motorhome guide, who can help answer any questions, knows the touring region and can speak the language.

If you would like to rent a motorhome please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you get everything organised, not only for the tours in Germany, but also for our tours in other countries.

Here you can download the PDF’s of our tour flyers:

Majestic Rhine & Moselle Rivers

Breathtaking Black Forest

Impressive Italian Lakes & Cities

Picturesque Provence