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Tolls in Europe

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Rheinfall Schaffhausen

Tolls in Europe

In this post we would like to give you some information about toll roads in Europe and in particular in those countries we travel to.

Our “Springtime in Holland” tour starts in Ghent, Belgium before continuing to Amsterdam in Holland. There are no toll roads in either country for motorhomes under 7.5t. If you arrive in Calais and take the A16 motorway through France to Ghent, there is also no toll.

In France, there are tolls on most motorways but there are some that are toll free. France however has a good network of national roads (Route Nationale), some of which are dual carriage ways, that can be used free of charge. Our “Picturesque Provence” tour which starts in Avignon is 622 miles from Calais and the most straightforward way to get there is to use the motorway and the journey can be made comfortably in 2 – 3 days. If you are still interested in booking this tour in 2018, do not leave it too long as we only have two places left available.

In Germany there are no tolls on the motorways. If you start your journey in Calais and join any of our German tours by travelling through France and Belgium you will not encounter any toll roads. The end of our “Majestic Rhine & Moselle Rivers” tour is in Luxemburg and if you travel back to Calais via Belgium and France, there will also be no tolls. The tour for 2018 is already fully booked, but if you would like to reserve your place for 2019, we would be happy to hear from you.

If you have booked or are still thinking about joining our “Breathtaking Black Forest” tour in Germany, have a motorhome under 3.5t and want to visit the spectacular Schaffhausen Rhine Falls just over the border in Switzerland, we can recommend a toll free route to get there. However to use the motorways in Switzerland with a motorhome under 3.5t you will need to purchase a toll sticker (vignette) which is valid for one year. For larger motorhomes other charges apply (Heavy Vehicle Charge).

To use the motorway in Austria, motorhomes under 3.5t require a vignette and larger motorhomes must purchase a “Go-Box”, for more information. During our “Amazing Alpine Roads” tour we drive along the German-Austrian border from Lake Constance to Salzburg but if you keep to the routes recommended in the MandA tours road book, you will not need to use the motorways and will not encounter any tolls.

In Italy there are tolls on most motorways. To get to the starting point of our “Impressive Italian Lakes and Cities” tour at the northern part of Lago Maggiore in Switzerland and you will need to cross the Alps. We recommend to our customers that they use the motorways and therefore will need the vignette for Switzerland as described above. Once in Italy it is possible to avoid toll roads but in certain cases particularly around the larger cities, it may be easier to use the motorways!

For further information about tolls use the links listed below.