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All 2022 tours now online

Swiss Chalet with Flag

We hope you are all well and are staying safe during these difficult times.

Unfortunately this year, we have already had to cancel the first 5 tours of the season. Travel is still exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, and many European borders are still closed. However, as a result of the vaccination programme and lockdown restrictions being slowly removed, prospects are looking better for the second half of this year and we are still hopeful that the situation will improve even further and that the final two tours “Amazing Alpine Roads” and “Captivating Croatia” in September can take place. We still have a couple of places remaining on the tours, so if you are interested in joining us, please get in touch.

We have now finalised all the tours for next year and the information is now on our website. This year it has taken longer than normal to prepare as it was often difficult to contact some of the campsites, as many of them were closed due to the ongoing Covid 19 situation. We always like to talk to the campsites when planning a new tour to clarify the main questions regarding availability for groups, any size restrictions and whether dogs are welcome on each site. Now everything is complete, including all information on a new tour to Switzerland and it is now possible to book your tour for next year.

We realise that some of you are still hesitant about booking future holidays in Europe, but we have already received a large number of bookings for 2022, as some of our customers needed something to look forward to! Everybody that has been affected this year by the cancellation of a tour either received a quick and full refund of their deposit, “parked” it with us as they plan to book a tour next year or have already used their deposit to book a tour in 2022. Any deposit paid is safe and all the money paid is protected by a special insolvency insurance issued by one of Germany’s largest insurance companies.

When deciding on the touring programme for 2022, we had to do this under some uncertainty, as we did not know which tours we would be able to run this year. For this reason, we are repeating several of the tours planned for this year, but decided to take out the September 2021 tours (Amazing Alpine Roads and Captivating Croatia), because, as we said earlier, we are confident that they will still take place this year.

For 2022 we have added a new tour “Scenic Switzerland”, which will take you to the most beautiful part of the country with its mountain peaks and lakes, as well as some of the major cities, like Lucerne, Bern, Geneva and Montreux. In addition to this new tour, we will be repeating our popular “Impressive Italian Lakes & Cities” tour and bringing back some tours to the most beautiful parts of Germany. In 2022 we will also be running our famous Christmas Markets tour, taking you to the best Christmas Markets of Belgium, Germany and France.

The tours for 2022 are:

Exiting Eastern Germany
Tour date:                Sun. 24th April – Sat. 7th May
Calais pick-up:        Fri. 22nd April

Discover Denmark
Tour date:                Sat. 14th May – Sat. 28th May
Calais pick-up:        Thu. 12th May

Stunning Norway
Tour date:                Sun. 29th May – Sat. 18th June

Majestic Rhine & Moselle Rivers
Tour date:                Sat. 25th June – Sat. 9th July
Calais pick-up:        Sat. 25th June

Breathtaking Black Forest
Tour date:                Sat. 9th July – Sat. 23rd July

Scenic Switzerland
Tour date:                Sat. 3rd – Sat. 17th September
Calais pick-up:        Fri. 2nd September

Impressive Italian Lakes & Cities
Tour date:                Sun. 18th September – Sat. 1st October

Europe’s Best Christmas Markets
Tour date:                Thu. 1st December – Sat. 10th December
Calais pick-up:        Thu. 1st December

If you are interested in a specific tour for 2022 and would like more information click on the individual links above.

For an overview of all the dates and prices download the PDF: Touring Season 2022, Overview Tour Dates and Prices on the main page of our website.

If you would like to book a tour, you can do this online on our website, or just send us a mail if your information we have on file has not changed.

We understand that you may be worried about booking a tour due to the current COVID-19 situation, however if we must cancel a tour, any payment you make will be fully reimbursed, as is stated in our general terms and conditions. All payments we receive are insured by an insolvency insurance through one of the largest German insurance companies and we send you a secured payment certificate with the booking confirmation. This allows you to book with confidence, knowing that your money is safe under any circumstances.

Do not miss this opportunity to secure your place for 2022.

If you have any questions, or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, or just give us a call!

Stay safe!

Audrey & Michael