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Ever visited Germany in your motorhome?

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This time of the year we are usually in the office dealing with the bookings for the next traveling season, talking to campsites and working on the roadbooks, which keeps us very busy. Nevertheless, we have planned to visit some of the fabulous Christmas markets in Dresden and the Erzgebirge (the Saxon-Bohemian Ore Mountains) in East Germany in December. This is supposed to be a holiday, but as you can guess every holiday has some sort of potential to become a scouting trip for potential future tours!

As we are based in Germany, every year we like to offer some tours to this great country. For the 2023 touring season we are offering more tours in or close to Germany, as this reduces the number of countries you must cross and of course reduces fuel cost due to the proximity to the UK. As Germany has the highest number of motorhomes in Europe the infrastructure in Germany i.e., the campsites are well prepared for them and in general, their quality is also one of the best in Europe. For our tours we always choose the best possible campsites, in good locations with excellent sanitary facilities and of course the campsites must allow dogs. There is also a good network of “Stellplätze”, which is comparable to an Aire in France. We only use these in very exceptional cases during our tours, for example when we stay at a vineyard to avoid driving after a wine tasting, which is also why you need to be self-sufficient for one night. The German roads are in general very good and if you stay on the Autobahn or the so called Bundesstrasse (comparable to the A-roads in the UK) you will always have an easy drive. But it is also possible to use the smaller roads, which we explain to you during the first briefing of a tour, when we also give you general advice on the country rules and habits. Therefore, if you have never visited Germany in your van or motorhome, now is the time!

Our classic tours are the “Majestic Rhine & Moselle Rivers” and the “Breathtaking Black Forest”. The first one takes us through both river valleys stopping in many beautiful wine villages along the route, including the famous town of Rüdesheim where we enjoy a boat trip during the Rhine in Flames Fireworks. The tour ends in Luxembourg, just across the border. The Black Forest is a very different region with flowing hills covered with pine trees and historic cities like Freiburg. At the end of the tour, we visit Lindau on Lake Constance, where you see some beautiful mountain scenery with the Swiss and Austrian Alps on the southern and western side of the lake, giving you the opportunity to go on a three-country boat trip.

The “Amazing Alpine Roads” and the “Delightful Danube” tours also start in Germany but continue into Austria. As the language in Austria is German too, we also feel at home there and have visited this country in our motorhome many times. Besides stunning views on route in the mountains along the German Austrian border, the “Amazing Alpine Roads” starts and finishes in two beautiful cities, Lindau on Lake Constance and Salzburg, the home of the “Sound of Music”. The Delightful Danube tour starts in the historic German city of Regensburg and finishes in Vienna, the capital city of Austria, famous for its imperial palaces, coffee houses and not to forget the original Wiener Schnitzel. On route we follow the river bends through the world heritage wine region of the Wachau, where we will have a wine tasting, before arriving in Vienna.

At the moment, we still have places available on all the tours but expect them to fill up very quickly over the next few weeks, as customers like to book before the end of the year to avoid disappointment and to take advantage of the Early Bird discount which is available until 31st December this year.

If you are interested in any other tour, you can find more information on all the tours for the touring season 2023 when clicking on the below links:

Springtime in Holland

Tour date:          Sat. 15th April – Sat. 29th April 2023

Alluring Alsace

Tour date:          Sun. 30th April – Sat. 13th May 2023

Scenic Switzerland

Tour date:          Sat. 20th May – Sat. 3rd June 2023

Picturesque Provence

Tour date:          Sun. 4th June – Sat. 17th June 2023

Majestic Rhine & Moselle Rivers

Tour date:                Sat. 24th June – Sat. 8th July 2023

Breathtaking Black Forest

Tour date:          Sat. 8th – Sat. 22nd July 2023

Amazing Alpine Roads

Tour date:          Sat. 2nd – Sat. 16th September 2023

Delightful Danube

Tour date:                Sat. 16th – Sat. 30th September 2023

Andalusian Adventure

Tour date:          Sun. 5th – Sat. 25th November 2023

All information regarding dates, prices, and itinerary can be found on our website. If you have any additional questions or require any further information, just send us an email. If you would like to book a tour you can do this online, or just send us an email and we will send you a booking form.

Best Regards and safe travels

Audrey & Michael